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Dr. Mary Stone (Shi Meiyu) was one of the first, native Chinese female western educated doctors. Her parents discouraged foot-binding. She grew up as a medical translator for doctors asking patients questions. Upon returning to Jiujiang, she and Dr. Ida Kahn created a total Chinese administrated and staffed western hospital, proving skeptics wrong.

Relocating to Shanghai, Dr. Stone and Missionary Jenny Hughes founded the Bethel Mission that later was moved to California after WWII. The two would adopt many orphaned Chinese children contributing exemplary American citizens.

Mary Stone in school Dr. Stone and sisters Dr. Stone's Ward The Nursing Staff   Please read the News Letter here:In Memory

Dr. Ida Kahn (Kahn Chang) overcame great odds forecast by a shaman to be adopted by Missionary Jenny Hughes, who educated her and Mary Stone to become pioneering Chinese western medical doctors where few to none existed. Her few years spent in Jiujiang with Dr. Stone helped prepare her for her moving to Nanchang to open its first western hospital.

Both of these women’s extraordinary lives were filled with many lifetimes worth of adventure and dedication, for enriching the lives of patients and commoner they encountered alike

Dr. Ida Kahn Dr. Ida Kahn

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