Lushan has always been a magical place for Artists, Poets and Philosophers.
The Kuling American School established an Anglo presence on the mountain top as early as 1868.


The Story of Lushan is beautiful and reaches from the clouds to the rivers far below. Lushan Mountain has always been a resting place, inviting meditation, insightfulness, and art. Life on Lushan Mountain has touched many hearts, and inspired greatness from the masters of all centuries. If more than 5000 years of mystical history inspire you to visit Lushan, when you arrive amongst the clouds, you will know you have arrived in Heaven.

Mystery and romance still lives all over this mountain. Start your journey with these pages, and imagine living in a timeless country where your ancestry reaches back to the beginning of time.

If you are a poet, artist, photographer, or just in love with possibility, Lushan will bless your dreams and imaginings.

China is a journey.
The Story of Lushan The Story of Kuling, a version from Edward Little


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